David Barton: Governors Fear the Virus Because They’re Not Christian Enough April 29, 2020

David Barton: Governors Fear the Virus Because They’re Not Christian Enough

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton, last seen congratulating white people for ending slavery, has thoughts about the COVID-19 scare.

None of them are sensible thoughts. But this is a guy with a large conservative platform, and people take him seriously because they don’t know any better, so his ignorant statements often become part of the political conversation.

This time, during the American Pastors Network’s “Stand in the Gap” radio show last week, Barton insisted that governors had gone too far in locking down their states because they’re too fearful of death — i.e. not Christian enough.

Today, this is the most secular America has ever been. And so, we’re watching governors and mayors respond out of fear and panic, and shutting down stuff that’s never been shut down before because they’re just scared to death somebody’s going to die. And so, the confidence of courage is really what we don’t see right now nationally.

… we’re seeing people go to excessive extremes because they are scared to death of dying, because this is all they know, is what’s here. They don’t know of an afterlife, they don’t even understand that there will be an afterlife, whether it’s Heaven, Hell, or whatever they choose. It’s their choice through Christ… If you’re surrounded with leaders who understand a biblical worldview, what you do is call for days of prayer and fasting, if we can get a hold of God on this and get God to intervene then we can see an end to this.

Those comments are dumber than the weird National Treasure-inspired backdrop in Barton’s home office.

Most of the governors implementing stay-at-home orders are Christian.

But that’s irrelevant. Their job is to listen to experts and act accordingly, not let people die do they can go to Heaven. (I don’t see Barton volunteering as tribute.)

I know people joke about Christianity being a death cult, but rarely do believers admit it this blatantly.

Prayer and fasting will only hasten death against a virus that could be defeated through proper precautions and, eventually, a vaccine. That’s what the good governors are working towards — prolonging the “prevention” until there’s a cure, or at least a way for our health care system to handle patients who test positive for the virus. It’s not excessive. It’s not extreme. It’s smart. God is not going to help, and it’s batshit crazy that Barton’s God would require prayer and fasting before stopping a virus that’s killing tens of thousands of Americans. That’s not a God worthy of worship. That’s a genocidal maniac.

Barton doesn’t care about any of that. He takes the same approach to science that he does history: He spreads lies about the subjects because he doesn’t understand either one, yet claims to be an expert.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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