Creationist Ken Ham Shared This Bizarre Drawing from a Young Fan April 29, 2020

Creationist Ken Ham Shared This Bizarre Drawing from a Young Fan

Creationist Ken Ham doesn’t get any fan mail from actual scientists, so he often displays the letters he gets from kids too young to realize they’ve visited one of his monuments to Christian mythology.

Most of them can go without comment. But this one from yesterday made me laugh out loud.

Someone please help this child.

Is Bill Nye shorter than Ham? No.

Did Bill Nye ever say “the Bible isn’t true”? Not in their debate. (Or ever. It’s not his style.)

Does a dinosaur’s existence prove the Bible to be literally true? Not even close.

Did dinosaurs live alongside humans? Well… Ham believes that. So the kid is only off by about 65 million years. (Creationist math involves very large margins of error.)

Despite the mistakes, Ham is celebrating it anyway:

Pray for these kids, that God will use them mightily to stand for his Word in this increasingly pagan culture.

This is what we’re up against everyone. Be afraid. Start studying.

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