This Pastor’s Wife Went Into a Fit of “Holy Laughter” During His Sermon April 27, 2020

This Pastor’s Wife Went Into a Fit of “Holy Laughter” During His Sermon

Before Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of The River church in Tampa Bay, Florida was arrested for continuing to hold in-person church services, he was best known for his “Holy Laughter“-based religious ceremonies.

That’s where you just laugh like a maniac for a really long time. And just when you think it’s died out, you keep laughing. Because something something Jesus.

You would think the Holy Laughter isn’t possible since Howard-Browne is just delivering sermons from home these days… and yet, yesterday, his wife Adonica broke down for several minutes.

Here’s just a glimpse. But watch the build.

She’s doing on screen what the rest of us only do privately whenever we listen to these people preach.

It would be funnier to watch if these people didn’t have more political power than we do.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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