Scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland: My Kids Prayed for a Boat, and God Gave Us Two! April 27, 2020

Scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland: My Kids Prayed for a Boat, and God Gave Us Two!

You know how a lot of people can barely make ends meet right now? How they’re out of work? How they’re struggling at home, maybe quarantined with a large family, unable to catch a break?

Well. They’re going to hate this video.

Here’s televangelist Kenneth Copeland over the weekend talking about how his kids John and Kellie once prayed for a boat… and, wouldn’t you know it, God rewarded them with two boats!

(This is a ten-minute story I tried boiling down to two minutes, so excuse the abrupt transitions.)

They [John and Kellie] came in one day and they said, “Daddy, we want a boat!”… “You may have a boat, but I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. This is gonna be your faith project. You’re gonna believe this boat in…”

Well, I forgot about it. Ten days later, I got a phone call

“… I really do need you to forgive me.” I said, “Well, Monty, what for?” He said, “The Lord spoke to me and told me to give you my boat several days ago and I didn’t do it… Kenneth,” he said, “I’ve got it all cleaned up and polished.” He said, “I’m gonna bring it over there this afternoon.” I said, “Well, Monty, man, that’s great, man! That’s wonderful!” Now, that was that was that morning… I called the kids in that afternoon and I said, “You got the boat!” Oh, praise God! We shouted and had a big time!

The next day, I got another call. “Brother Copeland” — friend of mine up in Nebraska — “Brother Copeland.” He’s nearly in tears! He said, “Oh, you’ve got to forgive me.” I said, “Why? What for?” He said, “God told me to give you my boat. And I didn’t do it and I’m ashamed of myself!”

… I said, “What kind of boat is it?” He said, “Kenneth, I’ve got a small cabin cruiser.”

It took two boats to do it. Amen. And they [John and Kellie] had to sow for it. Now, I’ve forgotten what they sowed, but they sowed money, their money, into the ministry and sowed seed for that boat. It just took boats to do it. Isn’t that exciting?! Hey! Amen! Well, you know, the Lord loves little children. Well, He loves big ones, too!

So Copeland’s kids prayed for a boat, and two guys just happened to get the word from God to hand over their boats to Copeland. I can relate. People are always calling me up to hand over their cars and homes, and instead of telling them to donate those to charity, I just chalk it up to “mysterious ways” as I drive away to my new summer cottage.

It’s worth noting that Copeland got these boats as gifts, but instead of asking God for a private jet, he asked his followers for cash instead. He also said earlier this month that God told him his ministry needed to raise $300 million this year.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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