Christian Pastors Protest in Louisiana on Behalf of COVID-19-Defying Pastor April 27, 2020

Christian Pastors Protest in Louisiana on Behalf of COVID-19-Defying Pastor

I swear this thought actually crossed my mind the other day: I haven’t heard about loudmouth hate-preacher Joshua Feuerstein in a while. I wonder what he’s up to.

Now I have an answer. Today, he was outside the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion protesting in support of Pastor Tony Spell, the head of Life Tabernacle Church who, despite being under house arrest (with an ankle bracelet), delivered a sermon in church yesterday.

Remember: One church member has already died and one of Spell’s own lawyers has tested positive for the virus.

And yet a number of people, including children, were protesting in Baton Rouge this afternoon — no masks, no social distancing — for the right to apparently put as many people as possible in the path of the virus.

Central City News has longer video clips from the protest.

Just to restate the obvious, no one’s coming after the church. No one’s violating the rights of Christians. And gathering in one spot like this is only going to put the lives of everyone there, and their families, in danger.

Pastors are free to livestream services all the want. Tony Spell wants to kill people in person. Just because he’s Christian doesn’t mean he suddenly gets the right to do that. This is about public health, not religious oppression. The fact that these Christians don’t understand that should inspire every other law-obeying, virus-avoiding Christian leader to speak out against these idiots.

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