As Restaurants Reopen in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp Declares “Day of Prayer” April 27, 2020

As Restaurants Reopen in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp Declares “Day of Prayer”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has foolishly called on certain businesses to reopen (provided they take certain precautions) — a move that has been described as self-serving far more than it is about wanting to get back to normal.

Gyms and salons were among the places that opened back up on Friday. Restaurants will join in today. All of this is happening while COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the state.

Many mayors are against it. Scientists are definitely against it. Even Donald Trump said it was a bad idea (after seeing the backlash).

But don’t worry! Kemp has a way to make sure everything will go smoothly!

He announced that today would also be a Day of Prayer in Georgia.

“Our unprecedented battle with COVID-19 has proven the resolve of the people of Georgia to fight hard, come together, and do what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus,” said Governor Kemp. “While we cannot all be together right now, we can join with one another in prayer for our frontline healthcare workers, first responders, law enforcement, business owners, local leaders, and fellow Georgians as we continue the important work of fighting COVID-19 and safely reopening our state. On Monday, I am calling on all Georgians to participate in our Day of Prayer by posting on social media and showing their support for their fellow citizens.

We live in the dumbest timeline.

Kemp wants to distract from the deaths he’s going to cause by getting everyone to think about the Christian God.

By the way, the prayer event will be closed to the public in order to “ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines.” So Kemp will get to avoid people. The same can’t be said for the people who will have to be at work due to his reckless actions.

God isn’t going to prevent the spread of the virus. Not everyone will be socially distancing — they literally can’t in some cases. While people across the country remain under lockdown, self-quarantining until we can’t take it anymore, Kemp is putting many of the most vulnerable citizens — waiters, stylists, people who can’t work from home — in harm’s way.

Prayer may comfort some people, but it won’t provide them with any additional safety during this pandemic. Apparently you need a Democratic governor for that to happen. Or at least a moderate Republican.

What people will need soon, thanks to Kemp, are their last rites.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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