Scamvangelist Praises Donors for Buying Him the World’s “Finest” Private Jet April 25, 2020

Scamvangelist Praises Donors for Buying Him the World’s “Finest” Private Jet

People are struggling right now. They may be out of work. They may just be bored, at home, while trying to get through this pandemic.

But not Kenneth Copeland. The televangelist who said in mid-March that God told him the pandemic would “be over much sooner than you think” (but still wants you to tithe even if you’ve lost your job) and who recently delivered a prayer that said COVID-19 is “finished,” offered a different message to his gullible followers yesterday.

He wanted to thank them for giving him enough cash for his private jet so that he doesn’t have to fly “in a long tube with a bunch of demons.”

You like my pretty suit? You should! You bought it!

Well, which is more important? The one that wore the suit or the one that paid for it? Are you listening to me? I know you are. Praise God.

Those of you — those of you CX Team members [a reference to his “elite” donors] that got involved with the new interior of the Gulfstream V, they’re doing the extended test flight on it today! It will be in Fort Worth tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. And you know what they said? Now this man works on Gulfstreams all the time. He puts interiors in Gulfstreams all the time. And he told Duane [Flanagain], our chief pilot, he said, “Duane,” he said… “I think this is probably the finest G5 in the world.”

The things that you — who? — you — no? Partners did on this airplane. Finest in the world. Hallelujah.

I’m sure the rubes feel better being called “partners.”

While they toil away and send Copeland their checks, he’s living a life of luxury in his private jet… suckering even more people by preaching about Jesus, who said people should give everything away.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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