Christian Apologist: Progressives, a.k.a. “Satan’s Pawns,” Hate the Constitution April 25, 2020

Christian Apologist: Progressives, a.k.a. “Satan’s Pawns,” Hate the Constitution

Christian apologist Alex McFarland, who has no idea why Millennials are abandoning faith and claimed in 2018 that the entire Democratic Party was committing treason, now says progressives hate the Constitution because they are working for Satan.

“The hate for the Constitution is a spiritual issue,” McFarland said. “Satan hates America. Why? Because over the last 242 years, the greatest engine for not only creating personal freedom and prosperity, empowering people, the creation of wealth, but the greatest contributor to world missions — the Great Commission — has been the United States of America.”

“The devil and his operatives — and many people are Satan’s pawns, and they don’t even know it — some of these secularists, some of the immoral entertainment figures, some of these politicians, they don’t even know that they are a pawn in the hand of Satan,” he continued. “But Satan hates the Constitution, his operatives by extension do. Why? Because the Constitution, for the first time in world history, said your rights come from an eternal God, and you have worth as a human … People hate the Constitution because the Constitution liberates, empowers, and defends the ones made in God’s image.”

It’s amazing how someone who defends a president who demonizes journalists for asking critical questions (so much for freedom of the press) and routinely promotes conservative Christianity (so much for no establishment of religion) is condemning progressives for ignoring the Constitution. That’s not even getting into his other violations of the Constitution.

Progressives aren’t enemies of the Constitution. They want a government that lives up its ideals instead of trying to shred it for their own political interests. Not that McFarland cares. It’s easier for him to call his enemies agents of Satan than addressing their concerns honestly. That’s what his faith teaches him to do.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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