Christian “Prophet”: COVID-19 Came from Hell and I Scared It With My Prayers April 23, 2020

Christian “Prophet”: COVID-19 Came from Hell and I Scared It With My Prayers

Don’t worry, everyone. We’re saved. The lockdowns will be over soon.

That’s because Jared Laskey — someone with no medical or scientific credentials to his name, but someone who does have a byline at Charisma — says he “angered the COVID demon” by praying. So… yay?

While praying, I looked up, and I saw COVID-19 as a dark and sinister entity. I have seen principalities and demonic powers before, and this reminded me of those, but I am unsure if this was a demonic entity or metaphor correlating the virus with demonic spirits.

But that was not the focus of my spiritual eyes, even though it was angry and enraged. I saw COVID19 reeling from the prayers of the saints as I sensed prayers from around the world striking it. And I focused on Jesus.

As I looked at COVID-19, which I believe was manufactured from the pits of hell, and I started decreeing, “You will bow to Jesus! You will bow to Jesus! You will bow in Jesus’ name! You will bow in Jesus’ name!”

See? Who needs masks and vaccines? COVID is already disappearing… in this guy’s imagination.

But I am wondering why his prayers only apply to COVID-19. Why not do the same for cancer or heart disease? Or do those diseases not matter to Laskey?

As we have said time and again, viruses have no religious or political agenda. They’re not sentient beings that go after people with certain beliefs. This one, however, affects people who refuse to stay at home and continue congregating in large groups.

Please, just listen to the medical experts on this one. One man’s dream won’t stop a pandemic.

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via YouTube)

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