The White House Endorses Christianity in “Wonders of God’s Creation” Tweet April 22, 2020

The White House Endorses Christianity in “Wonders of God’s Creation” Tweet

I know we’re completely inured to this by now, but there is absolutely no reason the official White House Twitter account should be praising “the wonders of God’s creation” during any speech.

The words aren’t even in quotation marks in that tweet, suggesting Donald Trump said it. They are just posted as if that’s the government’s official position on religion. It’s an endorsement of God — the Christian God, obviously — that would never be accepted if it said God didn’t exist or made clear it was referring to a different God.

It’s also far more egregious than a more generic phrase like “God bless the troops,” which all presidents tend to say (but is also problematic).

It’s not like this is the administration’s first time doing this either:

Notice all those examples have quotation marks, unlike today’s post.

This is what it looks like when one religious group takes over the government.

Trump can systematically dismantle the National Park Service, put anti-environmental zealots in charge of public policy, and make the country a more dangerous place to live in, but if he throws the word “God” into his Earth Day speech, his white evangelical base will magically look the other way because they’re too ignorant to realize what he’s doing. Or they just don’t care.

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