Church Gatherings Are Responsible for More Than Half of Myanmar’s COVID Cases April 21, 2020

Church Gatherings Are Responsible for More Than Half of Myanmar’s COVID Cases

There are now 111 cases of COVID-19 in the nation of Myanmar, but the Ministry of Health and Sports included one detail about that number that shouldn’t be ignored:

Of the 111 total cases, 54 cases are related to religious gatherings, according to the latest MOHS situation report and Yangon regional lawmakers.

In fact, two pastors and their followers were arrested last week for continuing to hold in-person services without any sense of social distancing. One of those pastors, a literal rock star, has already tested positive.

Pastor David Lah (holding mic), who tested positive for COVID-19, leads a worship service.

Maybe even more damning?

MOHS found that a total of 274 people related to the religious group had come into close contact with one another.

It’s those pastors and their followers, then, who are responsible for the spread of the virus. Their refusal to stay at home has already taken one life and threatens many others. Among the infected is a child who’s only one-and-a-half.

The government says everyone who’s been in contact with the religious group has been quarantined, but obviously, there’s no way to verify just how sealed off they are from others.

Stay at home, everyone. I know this doesn’t mean much coming from an atheist, but church isn’t worth it. You can watch services from your bed.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Terry for the link)

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