Pastor: In a Financial Crisis, Give to Church. That 10% “Doesn’t Belong to You.” April 20, 2020

Pastor: In a Financial Crisis, Give to Church. That 10% “Doesn’t Belong to You.”

Right-wing pastor Curt Landry, last seen telling people to avoid potential COVID-19 vaccines because they’re from the “pit of Hell” and urging people to trust Donald Trump over Dr. Anthony Fauci since God chose Trump, is now offering awful financial advice.

During a livestream yesterday, Landry was asked what people should do during a financial crisis like the one we’re experiencing right now, with so many people out of work due to the virus.

His advice? Give to religious leaders. Your home church, sure, but the implication was also that you could give to his personal ministry.

The question was posed to Landry by fellow pastor Jeremiah Moss of Life Church:

MOSS: … We’ve all been through a crisis. You know, there are some in our church and there’s several — I think a lot in our nation — going through a financial crisis right now in this time. What are some things that you would instruct us, that we need to do during a financial crisis?

LANDRY: The first thing you need to do is absolutely keep the first fruits of your giving and get that seed in the ground as soon as possible. So what first fruits is, is the first first fruit is tithing. You need to make sure that you tithe 10% of your income — and since I’m speaking to Life Church, that 10% needs to go into Life Church, okay? And I want to say this: That 10% spiritually doesn’t belong to you, okay? The Lord gives that to you to sow back into the kingdom, okay?

So it’s kind of like you give your grandchild a dollar, and then you give her a dime with it… or you give her ten dimes, that would be better, and then say, “Okay, now make sure I’m actually only giving you ninety cents, because that other ten cents you need to give that to the House of the Lord, because God actually gives you nine dimes, and the tenth one is for Him.” And to be obedient. So it never belongs to you

If you have a financial problem, yes, prayer is good. Yes, fasting is good. But what really causes financial problems to break is giving. And so if you’ll follow the 10% to the Lord — don’t rob — we’re in Passover week right now. You can sow a seed into Life Church for Passover, okay? That’s an offering. That’s a first fruit of your increase over the 10 percent, and whatever that amount, there’s not really a percentage on it. That’s whatever the Lord tells you in your heart, okay?

Here’s some alternative advice: If you’re struggling with money right now, don’t waste it on religion. Take care of your needs. Take care of your family. Pay your bills. Buy groceries. Any kind of charity — certainly to pastors — can wait, at least until you’re back on solid footing and have the option of how to spend cash.

If you’re not doing okay, you don’t need to be in the business of enriching others. God’s not going to come after you like a mafia don if you don’t pay Him first.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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