Rick Wiles: Christians Must “Rise Up” Over Bill Gates’ Desire for COVID Vaccines April 17, 2020

Rick Wiles: Christians Must “Rise Up” Over Bill Gates’ Desire for COVID Vaccines

Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles is predicting (threatening?) “violence in the streets” if Bill Gates continues to push for COVID-19 vaccines — because of a conspiracy involving microchips — and says Gates’ wealth must be confiscated.

Bill Gates wants to get a microchip in your body, he wants a microchip in your baby’s body,” Wiles said. “If Mr. Gates and other billionaires continue to push their agenda, then they are going to push people like me to call for the confiscation of their wealth. I mean it. If these guys continue this talk of requiring mass vaccinations, immunity cards, immunity passports, microchips, buddy, you’re starting a fight you’ll wish you never started because the American people will rise up, and we will strip you down to your tighty whities.”

Christians had better get ready for a confrontation with these people,” he continued. “They’re coming after us and our families. They have an evil agenda and the government needs to know there will be an uprising if they try to do it. There will be blood in the streets if Bill Gates pushes this agenda … The American people, we will rise up and we will march on your mansion in Seattle, we will sink your yacht that you just bought.”

“The American people need to get riled up and ready to defend the sanctity of their lives,” Wiles declared. “Don’t be like the Jewish people who marched into the gas chambers.”

Yes, we all remember how the Jewish people just surrendered during World War II when they could’ve fought back… (Wiles is undoubtedly ignorant, but he’s also an awful historian.)

The way Wiles talks about it, with such detail, you’d almost think this was a fantasy of his. He can’t wait for Christians to “rise up” and do the opposite of turning the other cheek.

It’s amazing how desperate some people can get that they will hunt for conspiracies even in solutions meant to save the human race.

It should go without saying that this lunatic doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. But remember that Wiles has received a press pass from the White House this year. At least some conservatives are taking him very seriously.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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