Christian Writer: COVID-19 Will Go Away This Month Because My Son Had a Dream April 17, 2020

Christian Writer: COVID-19 Will Go Away This Month Because My Son Had a Dream

Charisma Magazine is always a goldmine for stories by self-described “prophetic” Christians who believe every detail of every dream. It’s a joke even by other Christians’ standards. It’s the place you go to if you want to hear about demonic squids.

The latest example of how they’ll publish literally anything comes from Will Ford, whose 7-year-old son dreamed about how COVID-19 would go away by the end of the month… and therefore, it’s a fact. It must be true. God told him so.

Today while I was teaching my online class, I overheard my 7-year-old son tell my wife, “Mom, I believe the coronavirus is gonna end on April 30.”

“That would be amazing, sweetheart,” Dehavilland said. “What made you think of that date?”

“God told me,” he said. When I finished the class, my wife and I asked him to explain how he heard this from the Lord.

He then said, “Well, God gave me a dream last night. In the dream, I saw this huge green plant that had a crown on its head, and it was squeezing the world. The more it squeezed the world, the more hands or tentacles it grew. Out of nowhere, a lion that had the body of a lamb appeared, and it destroyed the plant and ripped it to pieces. Then a date appeared in my dream: ‘This will end April 30.’ And the dream ended.”

It’s not weird that a child dreamed about what will inevitably become a defining time in their childhood. There is actually some science behind strange dreams people are having during the quarantine. We’re experiencing a collective worldwide trauma, which inevitably affects brain activity when we’re resting.

So the dream itself isn’t unusual. Nor is the fact that it also included biblical references, since the child is being raised in a religious household that includes (I would assume) hearing Bible stories.

What’s weird is a father who takes that explanation and assumes it’s actually a sign from God.

I shared this with a few friends, and their children are also having dreams and visions, hearing from the Lord about this coronavirus coming to an end. What if we all engaged our children to pray for an ending of this pestilence? Let’s deploy the younger generation to pray for an end of the coronavirus crisis! I was recently told it was praying children who fueled the revivals of the Great Awakenings. I believe God is using His children as His secret weapon to not only pray against the coronavirus, but to also pray in another Great Awakening.

Forcing this unhealthy brand of religion on kids as a way to stop the pandemic is… a new take, for sure. But again, there’s nothing strange about kids dreaming about a virus that has affected their lives.

The fact is, every qualified scientist and medical expert knows that the curve has not flattened nearly enough, as a nation, for life to return to normal by the end of the month. As much as we’re all desperate for a return to normalcy — or at least a time when we can leave our houses without worrying about it — no dream should override the advice of scientists. Listen to the experts, not children who just want to see their friends again.

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