In Lawsuit, KY Christians Compare COVID-19 Restrictions to Japanese Internment April 16, 2020

In Lawsuit, KY Christians Compare COVID-19 Restrictions to Japanese Internment

Following in the footsteps of pastors in California, a trio of Christians in Kentucky are suing Gov. Andy Beshear over his statewide lockdown to protect everyone from COVID-19, saying that it violations their religious freedom.

But it’s not just that. Plaintiffs Theodore Roberts, Randall Daniel and Sally O’Boyle — all members of Maryville Baptist Church, where police placed warnings on cars after they held an in-person service over the weekend — turn the persecution dial to 11, saying that their situation is analogous to Japanese-Americans who were placed in internment camps in the 1940s.

The lawsuit, which you can read here, notes that “in times of public panic and fear, egregious violations of fundamental rights have been permitted throughout the history of this Country” and that “it is only well after the fact that we have recognized the error of doing so.” They specifically reference the Supreme Court’s awful Korematsu decision which upheld the government decision to lock up those Japanese citizens.

In other words, the government’s shameful and racist oppression, to these Christians, is just like Beshear’s lockdown notice which applies to everyone so that we don’t spread a deadly virus in the midst of a pandemic.

Good luck finding a better example of Christians claiming persecution where none exists.

The complaint goes on to say the Plaintiffs have no COVID-19 symptoms, as if that means they’re not carriers and incapable of contracting the disease. They’re wrong. There’s no comparison to Korematsu and there’s no religious persecution at work here.

This lawsuit is a fantastic application for a Darwin Award, but it ought to be dismissed as any attempt at righting a wrong. Gov. Beshear, unlike these Christians, wants everyone to be safe, and that requires sacrifices on everyone’s part. The public shouldn’t have to suffer because a bunch of Christians who reject science and reality refuse to follow the rules.

(via Law & Crime)

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