Praise the Pandemic: God’s Using COVID-19 to “Open Hearts,” Says Christian Group April 15, 2020

Praise the Pandemic: God’s Using COVID-19 to “Open Hearts,” Says Christian Group

Michael Johnson of the Slavic Gospel Association has a catchy slogan that he hopes will inspire Americans to help spread god-belief in Russia.

With on-the-ground reports indicating Russia’s coronavirus peak is less than two weeks away, a pioneering ministry to the former Soviet bloc today launched a global campaign — “Christ Over COVID:  Much Prayer, Much Power” — calling for prayer and urgent relief for orphans, widows, and families.

“Right now, God is using COVID-19 to open hearts like nothing we’ve seen since the fall of the Iron Curtain,” said Michael Johnson, president of Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) — an evangelical organization that has led the way in supporting local pastors and churches in this region for 80-plus years…

Today, says Johnson, prayer warriors are needed more than ever as COVID-19 spreads across Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, and other Slavic nations.

Prayer! Yes! Why didn’t we think of that before?!

Oh, right.

It might be because through academic studies, intercessory prayer has been proven not to work.

It might be because it’s illogical to think that an all-knowing God with a Perfect Plan will alter it if enough puny earthlings tell Him their idea is better.

It might be because most Europeans were pretty prayerful during the Middle Ages, and the bubonic plague still wiped out a third of them.

But wait! Do we even want God to stop COVID? Didn’t Johnson just say the virus is making more people fall under God’s magnificent spell? Religion sure can be confounding, huh?

In fairness, Johnson and his group have more to offer than prayer. SGA says it caters to both the spiritual and the physical needs of “orphans, widows, and families.” Cool. Even if poor people receive their charity chow with a side of Bible verses, that’s for sure better than nothing. Beggars, remember, can’t be choosers.

And lo, it’s working!

Amid the widespread fear and social restrictions, evangelical church leaders in Kazakhstan, central Asia, say there’s a new openness to the Gospel. In state-run orphanages, the children and workers are eager to hear about God.

The children are praying like never before, singing Christian songs, and memorizing the Psalms,” said an SGA-supported missionary.

Aw… All that youthful joy — I’m kvelling! And to think, it only took two million people infected and 134,000 horrible deaths to generate such dread warm appreciation and fear sweet contentment.

I can’t wait to see how much additional children’s laughter and sing-song merriment God will provide by killing, say, two times, three times, even ten times more people!

There’s literally no telling when our blessings will cease.

(Image by Tim Marshall via Unsplash)

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