Right-Wing Pastor: The Role of Elected Officials is “to Point People to God” April 11, 2020

Right-Wing Pastor: The Role of Elected Officials is “to Point People to God”

If you read the Constitution, you might think we have a separation of church and state.

If you listen to right-wing pastor, former Pennsylvania state representative, and president of the American Pastors Network Sam Rohrer, you might think it’s a requirement for elected officials to worship God.

He said as much during an interview on the “Stand In The Gap” radio program earlier this week:

“When somebody understands that they are a servant of God, then they can understand how they are to serve the people,” Rohrer said. “I understood that being in office meant not just being a servant of God but actually meant in my capacity was to point people to God, lead them in worship to the God of Heaven. Our founders understood that.”

Those in office are ministers of God in location in that venue, jurisdiction, called civil authority, but God also calls those in the pulpit as ministers of God,” Rohrer added. “That’s when God laid on our heart of ministers together because biblically, the pulpit is to be connected with input to those in office and those in office, I can tell you, long to hear from the input of those who are in the pulpit. Ministers of God together — that is truly ministers together and that is God’s pattern.”

This will come as a surprise to the Deists, atheists, and other non-evangelical founders who somehow left this religious requirement out of the Constitution. You get the sense that Rohrer would have a very different reaction if a Muslim representative ever said what he’s saying now.

At minimum, an elected official’s role is to represent the people — all people — regardless of religion. It’s one thing if elected officials believe that doing their jobs well is a way to honor God. But it’s undoubtedly problematic when they use their positions of power to manipulate others into worshiping their God.

What Rohrer wants is a theocracy. Thank goodness he’s out of office.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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