Most Pastors, Like Their Ancestors, Say Jesus Will Return in Their Lifetime April 10, 2020

Most Pastors, Like Their Ancestors, Say Jesus Will Return in Their Lifetime

A new survey from the Christian polling group LifeWay Research finds that 56% of pastors at evangelical and historically black churches believe Jesus is returning — in the flesh — during their lifetimes, while 97% believe it’ll happen eventually.

Proving yet again that some fantasies never die.

“While Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, many pastors believe they see signs his return may be close,” said Scott McConnell, executive director LifeWay Research. “These sentiments were expressed in January before the prospect of a global pandemic became known.”

What goes unmentioned in the press release is how Christians have been saying these things for many, many lifetimes. They always think Jesus is coming back “soon,” which is a nebulous date that is always just out of reach. (Hey, gotta keep the faith alive somehow.)

It’s been a couple thousand years. He’s not coming back. He’s not even sending you a birthday card at this point.

A 2009 Pew Research Center survey of all Christians, not just pastors, found similar trends. 20% of all Christians said Jesus would return in their lifetime, while 79% said it would happen eventually.

At least some Christians aren’t nearly as gullible as their leaders.

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