Tired: Mike Pence Will Go to Church This Sunday. Wired: In His Living Room. April 9, 2020

Tired: Mike Pence Will Go to Church This Sunday. Wired: In His Living Room.

What do you do when a Christianist Vice President tells you he’ll be going to church in the middle of a nationwide social-distancing directive? You suppress your ire/anxiety and wait for the second part of his statement.

Pence said that this upcoming Easter Sunday he’ll be attending church services at the same place he’s been going every Sunday for the last few weekshis living room.

Pence’s comments, which he made during a White House coronavirus task force press briefing on Wednesday, come as U.S. public health officials and most faith leaders across the country have asked Americans to celebrate the Passover and Holy Week holidays from home and not attend any services in churches or synagogues.

“We’ll be attending church right in the living room at the vice president’s residence, where we’ve been attending for the last several weeks,” Pence said. “The advantage is we get to go to our home church in Indiana.”

He means virtually.

I laughed at some of the cheeky comments under the FOX News story — “I didn’t know Animatronics were susceptible to the virus” was pretty good! — but in the end you have to hand it to Pence. He’s setting an example, distancing himself (pun intended) from the grandstanding Christians who, despite Matthew 6:5, only wish to show off their dazzling faith even if it kills them and others.

I know that’s a low bar, but I’ll take it.

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