Pastor Who Planned “Woodstock”-Like Easter Gathering Backtracks After Bluster April 9, 2020

Pastor Who Planned “Woodstock”-Like Easter Gathering Backtracks After Bluster

Right-wing pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth has made it more than clear that he thinks the response to COVID-19 has been overblown. In fact, while the CDC has recommended sheltering in place, he went so far as to call pastors “pansies” for closing their church doors and opting for live-streamed services.

It doesn’t end there: Shuttlesworth has also claimed America wouldn’t be affected by the virus (false) because Donald Trump is “pro-Israel.” And he’s said anyone donating to his ministry will also be protected (also false).

Just last week, after Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested for holding in-person church services, Shuttlesworth said he would respond by holding his own Christian “Woodstock.”

Looks like he was all talk. It now appears that his “Easter blow-out” will involve plenty of social distancing:

Yesterday, Shuttlesworth’s Revival Today ministry announced the time and location of this service, and it turns out that, despite all of his talk, it will merely be a “drive in” service where congregants remain in their cars and where “government social distancing will be strictly adhered to.”

What a pansy.

Kidding. That’s a good thing to do. It would be better if he canceled church altogether, but this may be the best we can hope for when it comes to a pastor who’s already threatened the lives of so many Christians.

What’s troubling is that there’s no reason to think social distancing will be strictly enforced, if enforced at all. (What happens if people get out of their cars?) Coaxing people out of their homes for any reason other than medical or grocery needs is more than foolish at this point. It’s downright selfish and irresponsible.

People like Shuttlesworth are the reason all of us will end up being quarantined for longer than we need to be.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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