On the One Hand, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a Dimwit April 9, 2020

On the One Hand, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a Dimwit

Spoiler alert: There is no “on the other hand.”

Consider: The stay-at-home executive order that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued last week makes an exception for churches, calling into question his seriousness in combating the COVID-19 crisis. So far, as I write this, at least 354 people have died from the virus in America’s Wang. (It must be giving some fundamentalists pause that in the past 24 hours, the state reported 666 new cases. Coincidence? You decide.)

Anyway, on the topic of the gub’nor’s dedication to life-saving public-health measures, we now have DeSantis’ expertise in glove-wearing to reflect on.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) showed how not to use protective gloves during a press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in Miami on Wednesday.

DeSantis was criticized and ridiculed in equal measure on Twitter after he wore a glove on his left hand, but bizarrely not on his right.

After thus having secured his membership in the One-Gloved Weirdos Club, DeSantis

… also touched his face with his bare hand (against advice from public health officials) and clasped both hands together.

It’s a glove trifecta! Well done, Florida Man.

The Associated Press has photos that would make me do a facepalm if that didn’t involve, well, you know.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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