Recent Headlines About America’s Churches Show We’re All in Danger April 6, 2020

Recent Headlines About America’s Churches Show We’re All in Danger

When I search Google News for “church,” this is one story that pops up for me:

Churches continue to preach, but practice social distancing

That’s certainly a legitimate take. But the headline writer should probably have preceded the word practice with “many” or, charitably, “most.” Because here is a smattering of the other headlines I’m seeing.

Church holds Palm Sunday service with 18 people, Diocese says it was a one-time mistake

Texoma church still holding in-person services during COVID-19 crisis

Georgia and Florida Governors Finally Issued Shelter-in-Place Orders. But Not for Churches.

Churches hold Palm Sunday services despite state bans on gatherings

Crowd gathers at Houston church for Palm Sunday service

Statesboro church to continue services despite shelter in place order

‘Church Is Essential’: Worshippers Take Communion Despite Warnings Not To Gather

Landlord changes locks on California church after pastor said he’d continue to hold services

At least 70 people infected with coronavirus linked to a single Northern California church, health officials say

Denver church continues in-person services despite statewide orders

Baltimore pastor refuses to close church doors amid Governor’s stay at home order

‘Will church leaders be arrested?’ Pastors call on Tenn. governor to protect right to worship

Governor says it’s ‘scientific fact’ that Bullitt Co. church will spread COVID-19

Police issue citation to 2 church leaders for violating Indiana’s ‘stay-at-home’ order

Renegade Sacramento-area church services: One goes ahead with a crowd, second parish cancels

Dozens attend Roseville church service; senior facility resident tests positive

Hammond Police Cite Church for Violating Stay-at-Home Order

Cutthroat COVID Christians will die for their Lord — and clearly, they’re prepared to take you and me with them.

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