Christians Aren’t Helping Hospital Workers With Prayer Events in Parking Lots April 6, 2020

Christians Aren’t Helping Hospital Workers With Prayer Events in Parking Lots

Christians all around the country are showing their appreciation for hospital workers… by adding to the number of bodies those staffers have to take care of.

For whatever reason, various Christian groups have decided the best way to send their thanks is by crowding into hospital parking lots, holding up signs of loves, honking their horns, and (seriously) getting out of their cars to pray.

However positive their intentions, they’re getting in the way of ambulances, creating a larger disturbance at a time when hospital workers are already surrounded by chaos, and creating an environment where COVID-19 can spread more quickly.

Here’s one example from Alexander City, Alabama, where Christians clogged up the parking lot at Russell Medical Center:

“The concept is that sometimes we feel helpless in the community. We know what’s going on and want to help, but there’s only so much you can do. This is an opportunity for us. We can all do this,” said Jaime Gaudet, who is one of the event’s organizers.

“The people that are patients or providers in the hospital, they get tired and they’re missing their family.”

Those who attended the prayer gathering were instructed to practice social distancing so as not to risk spreading infection.

The problem is that, in their desire to help, they’re making things worse. It would be better for everyone involved if they just stayed at home. Pray from there. Donate money from there. Send an email instead of holding up a poster. Use a neighborhood app like Nextdoor to see if anyone with a compromised immune system needs groceries. Offer to share your toilet paper.

But don’t get in the way of hospital workers by gathering together for an impromptu church service. It’s not helping. It’s only making everything worse. You’re not helping them; you’re helping yourself. While that’s okay at home, it’s downright selfish in the hospital parking lots. (Just last week, one hospital in Michigan had to politely tell Christians to stay away before a planned prayer event.)

If you truly love your neighbor, then trust the guidelines that say self-quarantining is the best thing we can do right now. The hospital workers will thank you for it later.

(via The Christian Post)

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