Manna from Heaven: Churches Woo People With Toilet Paper Giveaways April 5, 2020

Manna from Heaven: Churches Woo People With Toilet Paper Giveaways

A pastor in Glendale, Arizona is trying a new marketing approach: giving away toilet paper.

Saying he wants to be “a resource for the community,” Gene Herndon of Stonepoint Community Church will turn over the precious TP to all comers. There’s just the slightest condition: People will need to sign up via the church’s Facebook page.

A Valley church is stepping up to serve their community by handing out an item that is in demand all over the country right now, toilet paper. The church has handed out 2,000 rolls of toilet paper so far.

Well, at least now we know who’s been doing much of the hoarding. I guess the same is true for churches in Deltona, FloridaStockbridge, GeorgiaVirginia Beach, VirginiaCoral Springs, Florida; and Hammond, Indiana, all of which engaged in spare-a-square distributathons in recent days.

Back in Arizona,

“We’ve seen people from all walks of life come for help. They’re rolling up in their BMW’s, they’re struggling to walk up to us, we’ve seen all races, all types of people, some even from all the way in Chandler,” said Herndon.

You don’t have to be a member of the church to get help, but the church does ask you to sign up through their social media page, so they can reserve some rolls for you.

That means sharing your name and at least some of your personal information with the church. But think of the (almost heavenly) reward: up to four rolls!

Last week, the TP bonanza drew so many people, local police had to direct traffic. Herndon figures he will keep going as long as he’s on a roll.


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