Evangelist Franklin Graham: COVID-19 Exists Because Man “Turned His Back on God” April 5, 2020

Evangelist Franklin Graham: COVID-19 Exists Because Man “Turned His Back on God”

Evangelist Franklin Graham, whose foot is permanently glued to his mouth, said on FOX News last night that COVID-19 was God’s way of punishing humanity for turning our collective backs on Him.

It takes talent to do an interview with Jeanine Pirro and have her come off as the more sober one. She asked him a fairly straight-forward Apologetics 101 question: Why would God allow this suffering to happen?

“Well, I don’t think it’s God’s plan for this to happen. It’s because of the sin that’s in the world,” Graham answered. “Man has turned his back on God, we have sinned against him, and we need to ask for God’s forgiveness and that’s what Easter’s all about.”

That’s Graham’s explanation for everything. A pandemic. A tornado. A paper cut. It’s always because not everyone is as pious as he is.

What does it say about his God, anyway, that rejecting Him unleashes a divine act of retribution? That’s not a God worth worshiping.

Keep in mind that some of the least religious countries in the world also have the finest health care systems, and because they’ve been listening to scientists and pandemic experts instead of lying Republicans, they’ve been able to flatten their curves far more and far more quickly than we have.

But because too many Americans listen to FOX News and professional Christian liars like Graham, our suffering is only beginning.

(via Mediaite)

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