Not a Committed-Enough Christian? That’s a Stabbing. April 1, 2020

Not a Committed-Enough Christian? That’s a Stabbing.

A 20-plus-year friendship ought to be treasured. But for Ronald Anthony Potter, a most devout Christian from Georgia, hearing that a long-time friend had different ideas about faith was worth stabbing him over. With a screwdriver. Twelve times.

A man allegedly became overzealous Saturday night while questioning a longtime friend’s commitment to Christianity, stabbing him 12 times with a screwdriver, according to Glynn County police.

Yeah, he was just a tad overzealous, that god-lovin’ rascal.

I might apply the word to a person who speaks a little too passionately about baseball, or opera. By contrast, the act of stabbing someone in the face, neck, and stomach a dozen times seems to call for a stronger term, but maybe that’s just me.

Miraculously, the victim was released soon after being flown by helicopter to Savannah Memorial University Medical Center.


By the way, the Bible, an inspirational tome if there ever was one, is full of stabbings: Isaiah 13:15, 2 Samuel 4:7, Numbers 25:14, and so on. Coincidence, probably.

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