Anne Graham Lotz: COVID-19 is Great Since It May Trigger a “Spiritual Revival” March 30, 2020

Anne Graham Lotz: COVID-19 is Great Since It May Trigger a “Spiritual Revival”

Anne Graham Lotz, the nuttier sibling of bigoted evangelist Franklin Graham, sees the COVID-19 cup as half-full because the pandemic could lead people back to Jesus.

Could the silver lining in the black cloud of the coronavirus be this? That it causes America to look up and listen to what God has to say, and therefore becomes the trigger for a national spiritual revival? May it be so!

Sure, more than 1,600 people have died in the United States (so far), but no body count is too high if it means a few desperate people turn to God in a time of crisis, right?

Lotz is as insane as the Republican who celebrates the virus because some states are shutting down abortion clinics as “non-essential services” in response.

She forgets that Christians, too, will suffer because of the virus. How many will say “God doesn’t exist” because of all the death and destruction caused by COVID-19? None of that seems to matter.

No amount of human suffering matters to people hell-bent on adding more tallies to their conversion count.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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