Michigan Hospital Urges Christians to Stay Home from “Park and Pray” Event March 29, 2020

Michigan Hospital Urges Christians to Stay Home from “Park and Pray” Event

Here’s how bad COVID-19 is: Yesterday, a hospital had to tell people not to participate in a prayer event because it would’ve disrupted their work and possibly put people in danger of catching the virus.

It started with a “Park and Pray” event organized on Facebook. The plan was for people to show their love and support for medical personnel by going to the parking lot of Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson, Michigan. Participants were told to honk horns, make signs, blast “feel good” music, and all kinds of other things to catch people’s attention.

They were told to stay in their cars, too, but you know not everyone would’ve done that. Windows would’ve been open (at least to show everyone the signs) and obviously the noise could be disruptive.

The intentions are good. Obviously. But the hospital administrators basically told people not to attend.

“It is incredibly uplifting to know our community is supporting us in prayer right now,” said Pete May, the hospital’s Public Information Officer. “While we gratefully accept these prayers and well-wishes, we are asking everyone to pray from the safety of their own home.

“Not only do we want to honor the Governor’s request for Michigan residents to stay home and stay safe, we also need to make sure hospital operations, which include parking and ambulance traffic, are not disrupted.

That’s a very polite way to say: Don’t do it. It’s a bad idea. Don’t gather in one place, even if you’re staying in your cars. Seriously. Just pray at home. By your own logic, God will hear you, we promise. Thank staffers via the hospital’s website and please just listen to our instructions.

The event was quickly canceled.

It’s a reminder that even people who think they’re helping aren’t necessarily doing so. Just stay indoors unless there’s a really good reason not to.

(Thanks to Tom for the link)

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