Podcast Ep. 315: COVID-19 and Bad Decision-Making March 28, 2020

Podcast Ep. 315: COVID-19 and Bad Decision-Making

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Hemant will be on Jeopardy on Wednesday! (0:20)

— Yes, the government can force churches to close down in the pandemic. (3:48)

— Liberty University is open for business… for some reason. (7:45)

— A Pennsylvania lawmaker proposed a resolution blaming COVID-19 on our sins. (13:30)

— A boy drowned at a low-budget Creation Museum and Kent Hovind doesn’t seem to care. (18:16)

— Is abortion an essential health service during a pandemic? (25:13)

— A Texas lawmaker praised COVID-19 for saving lives by shutting down abortion clinics. (26:45)

— A pastor who said our COVID-19 response was “mass hysteria” died of you know what. (34:49)

— A Louisiana pastor brought in 26 busloads of people for Sunday services. He’s not planning to stop. (38:01)

— An IL church held services on March 15, Now most of the people who attended are sick. (39:45)

— Oklahoma’s governor led a televised Christian prayer rally while Mississippi’s read from the Bible during a livestream. (42:57)

— The White House’s Bible study leader is blaming COVID-19 on gay people and atheists. (54:30)

— A Romanian priest gave communion to people with the same spoon. (57:00)

— A GOP leader in Nebraska said the virus wouldn’t affect them because there aren’t a lot of Chinese people there. (57:38)

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