MAGA Cultist: We Should Cancel the Elections Since Democrats Haven’t “Earned” It March 28, 2020

MAGA Cultist: We Should Cancel the Elections Since Democrats Haven’t “Earned” It

Right-wing broadcaster Josh Bernstein, who claimed just last month that the only options on the November ballot were “Trump or death,” now wants to cancel the presidential election altogether because Democrats “don’t deserve to challenge Trump.”

“In times like this, you should be kissing the ground that President Trump walks on,” Bernstein said. “You have a true leader in the White House that is handling this thing and doing the best job possible. If this was a Democrat? Forget it. There would be hundreds, thousands of more people dead already.”

Sure. By firing the pandemic team, downplaying the seriousness of the threat when he could have acted, and claiming the virus is no worse than the flu, Trump saved lives.

Everything makes sense when facts don’t matter.

“I say we just cancel the election,” he added. “Give President Trump until 2024 to not only get the economy back roaring again, but get rid of this virus. But you know what, Democrats? You haven’t earned the right to even challenge this man. Why? Because you tried to usurp his power from the beginning with your Russian coup. Then you tried again with the Ukraine coup. Then you tried to impeach him for absolutely nothing. And now we have this.”

I don’t recall anyone making this argument when Bill Clinton was impeached. The fact that Bernstein dismisses, entirely, the backbone of the impeachment case, the numerous instances of corruption uncovered in it, the corruption that occurred before the election, and the endless examples of Trump’s lack of character and integrity, there’s no reason to keep him in office at this point.

We’ve suffered enough.

“You have stolen the first term away from this president, and he’s still been successful despite all your bull, and all your garbage, and all your horrible rhetoric, and all your opposition, and all the horrible things you’ve done with the deep state and everybody else,” Bernstein fumed. “You don’t deserve the right to even run in 2020. How dare you even have the audacity to run anyone against this president.”

Trump’s inability to accomplish anything that helps working people stretches back to his first several months in office when he had complete GOP control of the government and no impeachment investigation.

As for “successful,” he’s wrong on every count, but just look at what Trump has done to the stock market — his favorite measure of success — to see why even his usual base may be turning away.

Of course, elections are written into the Constitution. That used to matter to Republicans once upon a time. Somehow, criticizing Trump — and rightfully so — gives him power to rule as a dictator even though free speech, too, is in the Constitution.

This is a fringe view, but make no mistake, it won’t just be people like Bernstein saying it in coming months. Republicans love changing the rules if it gives them more power. They’ll try to cancel the elections if it looks like they’re going to lose. Don’t fall for it.

***Update***: This is hilarious. After Bernstein realized Trump would no longer be president if an election doesn’t take place, he took back everything he said about canceling the election.

He admits what he said earlier wasn’t “100% accurate.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

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