Christian “Prophetess”: I Command the “Pandemic to be Utterly Abolished” March 28, 2020

Christian “Prophetess”: I Command the “Pandemic to be Utterly Abolished”

You know what will rid the world of COVID-19?

Not a vaccine. Not global self-quarantining. Just self-described “prophet” Kathy DeGraw, who scared the virus into submission with her recent article for Charisma:

I command every disease agent, virus and pandemic to be utterly abolished, completely done. I order, direct and command every disease and spirit of infirmity operating through this virus and pandemic to dissolve and disappear, in the name of Jesus. I speak and announce that we are covered in the blood of the Lamb and by His stripes, we are healed!

Every dark force operating and fueling the spirit of destruction, death and illness over this world: I annihilate your powers. I bind and restrict you. I prevent you from infiltrating more human bodies. I instruct, direct and order you to be paralyzed, unable to function or further move forward, in the name of Yeshua Messiah, Jesus!

I command sickness and disease attempting to infiltrate my body to cease and desist of your assignment. I proclaim you will suspend every demonic activity against me, in Jesus’ name.

Somehow, the hospitals are still running out of beds. I don’t understand.

She also prayed to save the “financial system,” and yet the stock market doesn’t seem to care. Maybe God can’t hear and she just needs to pray in ALL CAPS.

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via YouTube)

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