A Vicar Accidentally Set Himself on Fire While Live-Streaming a Sermon March 27, 2020

A Vicar Accidentally Set Himself on Fire While Live-Streaming a Sermon

Let’s hand it to Vicar Stephen Beach of St Budeaux Parish Church (part of the Church of England): He’s not holding services in-person, so like many of us, he’s trying to work from home.

Except he tried to deliver a sermon with candles nearby.

It was all going fine until… oh, you know how this ends.

“It’s a great thing to pause in the presence of God and to ask the question: Lord God, what are you saying to us?,” Beach said, warming to the theme.

“And then, of course, to wait for an answer. I’ve just been pausing between these…” he continues before realising his left shoulder has moved too close to the flame.

“Oh dear, I just caught on fire”, he exclaimed, batting and blowing out the flame. “Oh my word.”

Looks like God answered his question…

Beach is doing fine, thankfully. If anything, his popularity is on the rise.

“My family love it, and the youngest grandchildren want to know when Granddad is going to set himself on fire again,” Beach added.

Glad to see they know how to find humor during a sermon. That’s a good life skill.

(Thanks to @Charlesthornt

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