Oklahoma Gov. Asks God for Help at Televised COVID-19-Inspired Christian Rally March 26, 2020

Oklahoma Gov. Asks God for Help at Televised COVID-19-Inspired Christian Rally

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, an anti-vaxxer who held an “Inaugural Prayer Service” in early 2019 when he came into office, did another prayer event tonight.

This time it was to stop COVID-19 in its tracks… as if the virus is afraid of Jesus.

He already declared a “Statewide Day of Prayer” for today, as have other governors in states where you don’t expect officials to take science seriously.

But he took it a step further by promoting and appearing at a church service that included several religious leaders from across the state, ranging from Christian to even more Christian.

Stitt was introduced as the “architect” of the event, called “Let Hope Rise: Together In Prayer for Oklahoma.” The broadcast was live-streamed online and aired on all the major network channels throughout the state.

“I know this is an uncertain or anxious time for many Oklahomans right now. That is why I believe it is important we join together as a state and pray for God’s blessing, protection and strength as we face a challenge that is unprecedented in its scope,” Stitt said in a news release.

In addition to [Rev. Michael] Todd of Transformation Church, the event will include the Rev. Craig and Amy Groeschel, founders and senior pastors of Edmond-based Life.Church; the Rev. Jamie Austin of Woodlake Church; the Rev. Herbert Cooper of People’s Church; the Rev. Paul Daugherty and the Rev. Sharon Daugherty of Victory Church; the Rev. Joel Harder, chaplain of the Oklahoma House of Representatives; the Rev. Alex Himaya of Battle Creek Church; the Rev. Doug Melton of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City; and the Rev. Bill Scheer of Guts Church.

As many people noted, the “faith” event only included Christians. I guess in Oklahoma, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, atheists, and everyone else just don’t matter. In his opening speech, Stitt also made multiple references to “our” God, as if everyone believes just as he does.

People took note of it:

If your state’s leaders think promoting evangelical Christianity will defeat COVID-19, then you’re in for one hell of a troubling spring. The same God who presumably allows the virus to spread and kill people isn’t about to change course because Oklahoma’s Christians decided to hijack the public airwaves to shove Jesus in everyone’s face.

At best, it was a waste of time. At worst, it was a government official using his office to promote religion while neglecting to take actions that could actually help the state.

No governor should be spending any time advertising Christianity right now. That’s not going to help anyone. Let pastors handle that. That’s their job. We need elected officials to follow the science and follow proper guidelines because that’s their job.

Stitt has no clue what his role in this pandemic is. Tonight, he acted like a pastor when the state deserved a leader.

Good luck Oklahoma. With leadership like this, you’re gonna need it.

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