Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore: “Our Faith Requires” Churches to Stay Open March 26, 2020

Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore: “Our Faith Requires” Churches to Stay Open

Alleged child molester and Christian supremacist Roy Moore, fresh off his primary loss running for U.S. Senate from Alabama, is still doling out horrible advice to anyone who will listen.

What he wanted to say was that Americans shouldn’t give in to fear during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What he actually said was that churches should stay open no matter what government officials tell you. Because Roy Moore understands science as well as he understands consent.

My friend, I tell you, we must not give in to fear!

Throughout our history, America has faced numerous obstacles, but has always remained strong and vigilant! We will survive this Chinese virus just as we survived Yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793, a terrible disease that took 5000 lives before being eradicated by resilient Americans who eventually developed a vaccine.

P.S. I am writing a letter to pastors on the duty to continue church assemblies, even in the midst of these trying times. Our faith requires it, our duty demands it, and no law or government can prohibit it.

In fact, the government can prohibit it. And continuing to hold church services puts both the congregation and the community is danger of contracting or spreading the virus.

It’s understandable that Moore can’t handle the closure of malls and schools, but everyone else just needs to deal with it for the sake of our own futures.

Alabama, by the way, has seen 283 positive COVID-19 tests. It’s only going to get worse. And people who take Moore’s advice are going to learn about exponents very quickly.

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