Lying Preacher: I Have a “Cure” for COVID-19, So Let Me Touch Homeless People March 24, 2020

Lying Preacher: I Have a “Cure” for COVID-19, So Let Me Touch Homeless People

How reckless can you be when your religious delusions enter the real world?

Here’s Calgary preacher Artur Pawlowski claiming that he has the “cure” — his exact word — for COVID-19.

(He doesn’t. He has Jesus. And no awareness of science.)

And here’s Pawlowski the next day, touching as many homeless people as he can — to hell with social distancing — because winning converts matters more to him than their actual lives.

This is dangerous. It’s not just one insane guy, either. He’s propped up by any Christian who believes Jesus can heal anything if you just have faith. That sort of thinking has always been foolish, but right now, it’s flat-out dangerous because some people actually believe it.

Alberta officials say that police may soon “become involved” whenever people aren’t following virus-related restrictions, but since the street preaching didn’t involve more than 50 people (at least by what I can see in his pictures and videos), it’s not clear if what he did would count as illegal. Stupid, but perhaps not illegal.

How many people have to suffer because some Christians like him can’t see anything beyond his own beliefs?

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Marny for the link)

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