Preacher: Trump’s Family Gave Up “Personal Comfort” for You Ungrateful People March 23, 2020

Preacher: Trump’s Family Gave Up “Personal Comfort” for You Ungrateful People

How deep does the cult of Trump go?

Here’s right-wing evangelical James Robison, host of his own TV show, yelling at a camera at all those people criticizing Donald Trump‘s despicable response to the COVID-19 epidemic because — *sniff* — don’t you know how hard this is on him?! His family has sacrificed everything for you ungrateful people!

I thanked [Trump] when I talked to him earlier this week.

“Sir, please hear this from me and every American. Thank you and every member of your family for loving your neighbor more than you love yourselves. Because there are not many people in America, in the world, who would put up with 24 hours of absolute, deceptive, manipulative, chronic assault against a man that is diligently trying to help all of us.”

And he has laid down, along with every member of his family their personal comfort. They don’t have a normal life to live. Not many of you listening to me would continue to get up every day, and even when you leave the White House to go out to the helicopter, stop and look at a bunch of paid assassins, who are, most of them, gonna misrepresent what you say instead of trying to help the American people with the freedom of speech and press that they have. And he stands there and listens to them. And talks to them, And tries to answer them. And if he answers them perfectly, they’re going to misrepresent him. They’re going to accuse him of doing it for the wrong reasons.

It’s true. Trump is playing far less golf now than he used to. His family has to pretend not to care about their own businesses even though they never divested from them. He even has to answer questions from the media as if he’s accountable for his actions. The horror!

Honestly, the media is doing too much to make him look presidential. They should quote his tweets like the crazy rants they are instead of sanitizing them for their articles, and they should play clips of him talking verbatim instead of paraphrasing his bananas statements as if they’re normal.

Also, I guarantee you most Americans would gladly trade their apparently amazing situations with the Trump family’s lack of “personal comfort.” (We’d be a stronger, safer country if that happened, too.)

Robison never defended President Obama like this, when there are plenty of examples of conservative media deliberately misrepresenting his actions and intentions. He doesn’t actually care about honesty. He cares about power. He cares about having access to power. He was the same under George W. Bush.

Someone who’s blind to the corruption right in front of him has no business telling others how to be decent people.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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