Jehovah’s Witnesses Leader on COVID-19: “Cheer Up! It’s Gonna Get Worse!” March 22, 2020

Jehovah’s Witnesses Leader on COVID-19: “Cheer Up! It’s Gonna Get Worse!”

Since many of you were shocked by a recent video showing a Jehovah’s Witnesses leader apparently taking delight in COVID-19, here’s another one.

This time, two clips are spliced. In the first, we hear a man explaining how six JWs have already died from the virus. The second, featuring Governing Body member Anthony Morris at the 148th Gilead Graduation in New York last week, shows him finding a silver lining in the pandemic.

MORRIS: I was telling the Branch class yesterday, it doesn’t bother me. We’ve been waiting for this… I’ve been telling ’em for some time now, “Cheer up! It’s gonna get worse!”

Yay! More people will die!

To be clear, he’s not responding to those six deaths, which were reported after his graduation comments. But he is responding to the pandemic itself.

He’s excited by it because he thinks it means the End is near.

There are religious people who think chaos on Earth signals eternal peace. Their delusions aren’t helping us respond properly to the crisis.

(Thanks to Stephen for the link)

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