The New White House Chief of Staff Will Give the Christian Right Even More Power March 21, 2020

The New White House Chief of Staff Will Give the Christian Right Even More Power

Mark Meadows, the latest White House Chief of Staff and former GOP congressman, will inevitably strengthen the power of the Religious Right, as if they need more of it. That’s because Meadows has long been an advocate for using the government to promote his religion, and his new position will allow him to do that through the West Wing.

Right Wing Watch’s Peter Montgomery explains Meadows’ background for anyone unfamiliar with it:

Meadows promotes religious-right claims of anti-Christian persecution and claimed in 2017 that there was an effort “to silence the pulpits and the pews across this country.”

Addressing members of Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition last year, Meadows portrayed politics as spiritual warfare against “the enemy” — Satan — and told conservative Christian activists that “we have work to do to take this city and return it to its rightful place to honor God and faith.” In his speech at the 2017 Values Voter Summit, Meadows suggested that Trump’s election was an answer to prayer and a sign that “God still reigns in the affairs of nations.”

The irony of all this is recalling how many times Jesus spoke out against power and against the desire for domination and control. What he preached was counter-cultural thousands of years ago just as it is now: True power comes through meekness. Historically, the Church has been a complete dumpster fire when given political power. Conversely, it thrived when under duress, in places where religious freedom was legitimately at stake.

That’s not here. That’s not now.

But these Christians revere Trump far more than they care about Jesus. MAGA Christ is their true Lord and Savior.

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