Christian Doctor’s Advice for Coronavirus: “Why Don’t You Just Not Get It?” March 21, 2020

Christian Doctor’s Advice for Coronavirus: “Why Don’t You Just Not Get It?”

We finally have solid advice on how to make it through the pandemic: We just have to avoid the virus.

Brilliant. It’s amazing no one thought of it earlier.

That’s the advice of anti-LGBTQ Christian activist Dr. Steve Hotze, who appeared on right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson‘s radio show this week to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak.

The advice was… lacking.

Hotze said that despite recommendations to avoid personal contact to prevent the spread of the disease, “I shake every hand that I can because I want my immune system to be challenged every day so it builds strong health.”

“Am I crazy, or are they crazy?” Hotze asked, rhetorically. “Could I be right, and Harvard and all these CDC guys be wrong? Yeah, because they’re all conventional. They don’t talk about how you can keep yourself from getting sick … Why don’t you just not get it [the coronavirus]? Why don’t you just stay healthy?

He acts like people choose to be sick. And that staying healthy is an option for everyone.

The “advice” isn’t surprising given that Hotze has already blasted the media for covering this “irrational fear” of a virus. In that same video, he says the flu is far deadlier than COVID-19, before adding, “I have never taken and do not recommend flu vaccine.”

He’s not a smart guy. Which is to say he’s the smartest guy E.W. Jackson’s audience will ever hear.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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