Street Preacher: “You Need Jesus More Than You Need Toilet Paper!” March 19, 2020

Street Preacher: “You Need Jesus More Than You Need Toilet Paper!”

In what is surely the least effective street preaching you’ve seen in a while, Angela Cummings went to a sparse street in Armenia to yell at everyone about how they don’t need toilet paper during the coronavirus outbreak.

They need Jesus instead.

(Which makes you wonder what, exactly, she wants them to do in the bathroom…)

[Mocking the public] I need toilet paper! I need toilet paper!

No, you need Jesus. You need Jesus more than you need toilet paper! You can clean your butt, but who’s gonna clean your sin?!

Toilet paper can’t wash away your sins. The only thing that can wash away your sins is the blood of Jesus. You think God cares if you have toilet paper? Are you serious? Are you serious? Use your old socks. If you need toilet paper that bad, use old socks. Stop freaking out.

Somehow, I don’t think she won many converts.

Cummings has previously yelled inside a Target store, outside a high school, and at the home of the Large Hadron Collider.

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