Preacher: Forget Self-Quarantine; We Must Gather and Pray to Defeat the Virus March 19, 2020

Preacher: Forget Self-Quarantine; We Must Gather and Pray to Defeat the Virus

Christian writer Jennifer LeClaire has always been a voice of faith-based insanity, wondering if Hillary Clinton was the Antichrist or an Illuminati Witch or telling the world about how a “sneaky squid spirit” would stalk her.

So of course you want to know what she thinks about COVID-19.

During a recent sermon, LeClaire explained that self-quarantine was a horrible way of defeating the virus, especially for church members. Instead, they should gather in large numbers and overwhelm the virus. Because the virus will fear God… or something like that.

… [That] needs to be our response. We don’t run away and isolate ourselves, and quarantine ourselves, and sit in our house because we’re afraid. We run to the church, and we take authority over this demonic entity that’s invading our city, in the name of Jesus, and we push it back. Because one can’t put a thousand to flight, and two can’t put 10,000 to flight, and we get all of us here and praying together, and ain’t none of us gonna get attacked by this dumb thing.

This is what happens when you don’t understand science.

The virus isn’t afraid of your superstitions. The virus would love to see hundreds of people in one place, because it can spread more quickly.

Gathering in a church doesn’t stop a virus. It makes the virus stronger.

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