Paula White: The Virus Has Delayed the IRS Deadline, So Keep Giving Me Money! March 19, 2020

Paula White: The Virus Has Delayed the IRS Deadline, So Keep Giving Me Money!

During last night’s service at her church, Paula White, Trump’s “spiritual adviser” and the head of the White House’s “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” program, told her audience they could keep giving her cash because the IRS would be delaying the tax deadline.

Mind you, this is just days after she told people to give her a $91 seed during a coronavirus-themed Facebook stream.

… We’re grateful, guys, that right now the electric companies [are] allowing payments to be deferred. As of yesterday, the IRS is allowing people to, for 90 days, past that April 15th, they’re not going to have to pay their taxes right on April — it’s 15th, isn’t it, usually? — so there’s that 90-day deferment. So we believe that there’s gonna be ways — this is not the time to come out of covenant with God.

We have to pay insurance. Our insurance is $5,100 here. And it’s like, that’s a lot of money, you know? And so, I always say, we’re a smaller ministry but we have big impact.

There you go. The IRS isn’t going to punish you for not paying your taxes on time, so don’t stop giving money to White’s ministry. Thanks, coronavirus!

The grifting never ends with these people. The only question is when her followers will realize they’re being fleeced.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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