Jim Bakker, Unable to Sell Virus “Cure,” Promotes “Make Your Own Medicine” Plant March 19, 2020

Jim Bakker, Unable to Sell Virus “Cure,” Promotes “Make Your Own Medicine” Plant

It’s been a week since televangelist Jim Bakker was threatened, then sued, over his promotion of “Silver Solution” that one of his guests claimed could kill coronavirus within 12 hours. Bakker himself said the product was a “miracle” drug that cured practically everything.

You knew he would come back with something new. I just didn’t expect the turnaround to occur so quickly.

His latest product is “medicinal seed” which can grow to become a cure for… anything. (*Wink wink nudge nudge*)

While a guest claims it can be good for patients with “diabetes or high blood sugar,” Bakker says the eventual plant allows you to “make your own medicine.”

None of them say it’ll cure coronavirus, but the implication is obvious.

And it’s all for the low, low cost of $99!

The grifting never ends. And the gullible audience never stops watching.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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