Christian Activist: COVID-19 Arose After the Chinese Ate Biblically Unclean Food March 19, 2020

Christian Activist: COVID-19 Arose After the Chinese Ate Biblically Unclean Food

During his show today, televangelist Jim Bakker had on right-wing activist Mary Colbert, a guest who has previously called him “an oracle for God.”

Colbert explained that the coronavirus outbreak occurred because Chinese people were eating biblically “unclean foods” like bats and snakes.

There is food that is prohibited in the Old Testament from eating, and God had a reason for it, because they carried bacteria, they carried viruses, they carried things that your body cannot absorb.

Well, in China, they’re eating bats and snakes. These are all part of the unclean animal... many times, they eat it in sushi.

Since no one at that table has ever read the Bible, let me help them out.

Leviticus 11, which talks about clean and unclean foods, would regard pork as unclean. Hard to imagine Colbert and Bakker have avoided pork their entire lives.

And in Mark 7, in the New Testament, we find out none of those restrictions matter anyway because “Jesus declared all foods clean.” So there are no longer any “unclean” foods… which means the Chinese diet is irrelevant. (Also, sushi is not Chinese.)

There may be a conversation to have over the origin of the virus, but putting it in biblical terms makes no sense at all.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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