Christian Blogger: COVID-19 is God’s Way of Making Moms Homeschool Their Kids March 17, 2020

Christian Blogger: COVID-19 is God’s Way of Making Moms Homeschool Their Kids

Leave it to Christian blogger and professional mommy-shamer Lori Alexander (a.k.a. “The Transformed Wife”) to capitalize on a catastrophic event to promote her brand of misogyny.

She shared this gem on Facebook over the weekend, celebrating the upside to self-quarantine from COVID-19:

The virus is clearly showing the great value there is to having mothers at home with their children. They can protect them from the virus and homeschool them. It’s just the way God intended it to be. Maybe crisis always show [sic] that God’s ways are far superior to man’s.

I guess we’re supposed to thank God for the more than 7,000 deaths so far…? If God intended for mothers to stay home with kids, there are better ways to make the point than destroying the economy and inconveniencing the world.

Even homeschooled kids get socialization (ideally, anyway), so keeping kids out of public schools is no guarantee of health. As any parent will tell you, kids can get or spread viruses by accompanying their parents to the grocery store or by going to the park.

But then, logic typically doesn’t play a part in Alexander’s thinking. She’ll jump on any opportunity she can to shame women for making lifestyle choices that differ from her own.

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