Christian Activist: God Didn’t Tell Me About the Coronavirus, So We’ll Be Okay! March 17, 2020

Christian Activist: God Didn’t Tell Me About the Coronavirus, So We’ll Be Okay!

Dave Hayes, a Christian activist known as the “Praying Medic,” has previously said God put gold dust on his hands, that God and Satan both speak to us but with different voices, and that his follower’s prayers healed someone’s stage 4 cancer.

Naturally, you’re all wondering what he has to say about COVID-19.

He said over the weekend that he hadn’t had any dreams about the coronavirus at all… and that’s God’s way of saying everything will be okay.

And because he’s insane, he makes plenty of references to “Q,” a.k.a. QAnon, a right-wing conspiracy theory.

Watch around the 31:57 mark:

… what that tells me, when the Holy Spirit is silent on an issue, it’s relevant. Okay? Why is Q not talking about the coronavirus? Because it’s not part of the strike package, it’s not relevant to Q’s mission, and it’s not anything that we need to be informed about from Q, so Q isn’t talking about the coronavirus.

Why? It’s not relevant, it’s not important, not part of the package. And therefore, I would say we don’t need to worry about it from a strategic, tactical perspective, as far as Q’s concerned.

Holy Spirit is doing the same thing with me. Holy Spirit has not given me any information on the coronavirus. Nothing. That tells me that… it’s an issue I don’t need to worry about.

Leave it to a religious nutjob to compare his own God to a figment of conservatives’ imagination.

But unlike self-declared prophets who think God is always sending them messages, this guy thinks God is talking to him by… not talking to him. Which means God is always talking to him.

Might sound ridiculous, but Hayes has nearly 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. His message is getting out, which suggests there are a bunch of people who actually believe it.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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