Ignoring COVID-19, the Falwells’ Church Held a Huge Conference on Saturday March 16, 2020

Ignoring COVID-19, the Falwells’ Church Held a Huge Conference on Saturday

Well, this won’t make anyone feel better.

While Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell, Jr. was defending his decision to keep the school open despite how that would hasten the spread of the coronavirus, the church founded by his father and run by his brother was hosting its own conference.

Thomas Road Baptist Church brought together thousands of people — including speaker Tim Tebow — on Saturday morning for the “Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend” event.

Some conference goers, like Randy Stackpole, from Loudoun County, said though he recognizes the potential for exposure, he is not in the high-risk group.

What he stands to gain from a conference like Ignite, he said, is worth a few weeks of sickness.

In other words, I don’t care if I’m a disease vector and old people die, because JESUS JESUS JESUS. The selfishness inherent in these Christians is just staggering.

5,000 tickets were sold for the event. A lot of people chose not to come, but because no refunds were being issued, many attended anyway. They didn’t care about the warnings from scientists because they’ve been trained to ignore reality in favor of religious fiction or whatever FOX News is pushing on them. Some attendees suggested to a local reporter they thought this was just media hype if not a hoax.

“Everywhere you look, on your phone, on the news, it’s all bombarded. It’s overrated. It’s over-exaggerated. It’s bad news, so the media loves it. But it doesn’t concern me,” [Steve] Treadway said. “It’s blown out of proportion.”

“I had already registered,” [Robert] Payton said. “And I’m not going to let the enemy keep me in the house in fear.

Who’s the enemy? It’s not liberals. It’s not the media. It’s the virus. And Payton, along with everyone else, did exactly what the enemy wanted. They gathered together in a close area, potentially allowing the disease to spread like wildfire.

Christian arrogance mixed with Christian ignorance is going to kill us all.

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