Pastor: We’re Never Closing Church Because We’re Not Raising “Pansies” in Here March 15, 2020

Pastor: We’re Never Closing Church Because We’re Not Raising “Pansies” in Here

Christian pastors who think they’re “courageous” by holding services despite the best recommendations of scientific experts in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak may be the most dangerous people in the country right now.

Conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne, best known for his “Holy Laughter”-based religious ceremonies, said just last month he would prevent the spread of coronavirus. And yet with the virus wreaking havoc across the country, he held a church service this morning and mocked anyone for saying that was a bad idea.

Then, just to rub it in, he urged attendees to shake each other’s hands… because what the hell do scientists know?

Well, I know they don’t want us to do this, but just turn around and greet two or three people. Tell them you love them, Jesus loves them, amen.

Listen, this has to be the safest place. I said, this has to be the safest place. If you cannot be safe in church, you’re in serious trouble

We are not stopping anything. I’ve got news for you. This church will never close. The only time the church is closing is when the Rapture is taking place. This Bible school is open because we’re raising up revivalists, not pansies.

It should go without saying that COVID-19 has no religious affiliation. It will affect people in churches just as it will affect people at concerts or colleges. It’s the height of irresponsibility to tell people to gather together, hastening the spread of the virus, all because you think your faith makes you immune to disease.

If the virus spreads in his church, it won’t just hurt believers. It could affect anyone who comes into contact with them.

No amount of laughter will prevent that.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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