Church Sets Attendance Goal of “AT LEAST 250 People” Despite Coronavirus Scare March 15, 2020

Church Sets Attendance Goal of “AT LEAST 250 People” Despite Coronavirus Scare

Despite a warning from Governor Eric Holcomb not to have gatherings of more than 250 people, and despite all the warnings about the need to self-quarantine in order to protect the elderly, the New Life Christian Center in Indiana held a service Friday night to stick it to all those people who accept science.

They urged people — especially sick people — to ignore the “raw, unmitigated stupidity” coming out of the CDC and visit the church. The plan was to “lay hands on the sick, and the sick shall recover.”

In direct eye-rolling at our Indiana Governor’s requests, we have a GOAL to have AT LEAST 250 people here at church tomorrow night !

Good lord, ignorant Christians are going to exacerbate a pandemic because they’re too stubborn to listen to anyone who actually understands science…

For what it’s worth, there’s video of Friday night’s service on Facebook and the place looks mostly empty:

That’s a relief. Kind of. But the church leaders haven’t apologized, and no one should expect them to do so anytime soon, which means they may continue holding services for the foreseeable future. Capitulating to experts would be blasphemous for them.

Some churches care for the sick. This one wants to create the sick. It’s dangerous, and they don’t care.

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