A Liberty U. Parent Asked Why the School’s Open. Falwell Called Him a “Dummy.” March 15, 2020

A Liberty U. Parent Asked Why the School’s Open. Falwell Called Him a “Dummy.”

Jerry Falwell, Jr., the head of Liberty University, has already said he has no plan to cancel classes despite the threat of COVID-19. Some students have already challenged the wisdom of this, admitting this has more to do with politics and appeasing Donald Trump than thinking about the well-being of students.

When a parent of three Liberty students challenged Falwell’s logic earlier today, he responded in the most Falwell-esque way possible.

He called him a “dummy.”

He must be quoting Jesus.

Jeff Brittain has since updated his Twitter profile to say “Husband, dad to three awesome sons, insurance exec, firearms dealer and now, ‘dummy.’ Just ask @jerryfalwelljr.”

Funny. A little weird, maybe, considering Falwell’s always been this insane and yet Brittain sent his kids to Liberty anyway… but it shows how Falwell doesn’t give a damn about his students or the people who likely pay tuition.

His allegiance is to Trump. He uses Jesus as a cover. And everyone must suffer because of that.

By the way, Falwell’s answer (slur aside) isn’t even good. If those students are carriers of the virus, then sending them to internships or summer jobs only puts those communities more at risk.

It’s bad enough they have degrees from Liberty. Somehow, this situation makes everything even worse.

(via John Fea)

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